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Custom Unison Ensembles


I'd like to select a specific group of instruments to be in an ensemble and then read a unison line (in octaves) together.

I'm currently teaching a double reed class where we have bassoon and oboe combined. Currently, I'm only able to have one group read at a time or look at the concert band line where we have the entire score. I'd like to have a custom ensemble where I can select the instruments I have and not have the entire concert band score to navigate. For example, I'd like to have one line for oboe and one line for bassoon at the same time on the screen and then they can play together in octaves.

This would also be helpful for Tuba and Euphonium being able to sightread an octave apart.

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This would be a great feature!


This would be so helpful!

I agree, this would be a great feature to add! Please consider adding the option for selecting specific groups of instruments to read lines. 

Thank you all for your feedback!  We do plan to add a 'Create Your Own Ensemble' feature in the future.  We track votes and try to add the most requested features first.  We also keep a list of your addresses, so we can update you once the feature has been added.  We'll chalk up a few more votes and keep you updated on any developments!

Nancy D'Alema

Sight Reading Factory

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