We're delighted that you're interested in the Google Classroom/Sight Reading Factory integration.  If you're new to the Google Classroom/Sight Reading Factory integration but have used SRF student accounts in the past, below are 3 important bullet points to understand before getting started with this integration.  Below those bullet points are the instructions to use for getting started!

  • If you've already signed students up for this school year, we can help you revoke the student code usages for those students so that you can use that student code to import your Google Classroom students.
  • Keep in mind that these classes you will be importing will be new classes in SRF.  You can duplicate assignments from your old classes into your newly imported GC classes.  However, the class will be a clean slate with no practice log data and no assignments.
  • If some of your students already have a SRF account and their SRF account is using an email address/username that is not the same as their Google Classroom email address and you import those students, they will essentially be using a brand new account.  If you want them to be using the same account (so it has their practice data and assignment data history), you should make sure that your students that already have accounts in SRF are using their Google Classroom email address as their email address for their SRF account before you import the class.  Check out this article for updating a student's email address/username.

Check out the links below for instructions you can use for integrating Google Classroom with your SRF account:

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