In order to integrate Google Classroom with your Sight Reading Factory account:

  • Your SRF account (or someone you are linked with in SRF) will need a Student Code with enough available uses for the students that will need subscriptions that are being imported from your Google Classroom classes into SRF.
  • The email address associated with your SRF account (which has a Student Code or is linked to someone else that has a Student Code) will need to be the same email address as your Google Classroom account email address.

Follow the instructions below to Import your Google Classroom classes into Sight Reading Factory:

  1. Enable your SRF Account to be able to Import your Google Classroom classesIf you see a Google Classroom 'Import' button on the 'Classes' tab of your SRF Dashboard, you can skip this step.  Otherwise, in order to integrate Google Classroom with your SRF account, your SRF account will need to be enabled to allow Google Classroom classes.  To do this, navigate to and select the Google Account that is associated with your Google Classroom and approve the permissions for Sight Reading Factory to sync with your Google Classroom.
  2. In Sight Reading Factory, go to the 'Classes' tab and click the 'Import Google Classroom' buttonClick on the 'Classes' tab of your SRF dashboard and you should see an 'Import' button with a Google Classroom icon.  Click this button to take you to the screen to select the Google Classroom class you'd like to import into your SRF account.
  3. On the 'Import Class' page, set your class preferences, set the class end date, and click 'Import' to import your classWhen importing your Google Classroom class, you'll be creating that class in SRF and subscribing all of the students in your Google Classroom class to SRF.  Once the class is successfully imported, all the students in that class will be subscribed and have full access to SRF.  As part of this import process, you can additionally set which sight reading Standards that you'd like available for this class and you can set your solfege preference, if desired.
  4. Repeat Steps 2 and 3 to import additional Google Classroom classes into SRF