After your Google Classroom class has been successfully imported into Sight Reading Factory, you are ready to create SRF assignments for your students. If you have not yet imported your Google Classroom class into SRF, check out this article for instructions on how to do that.

Creating a SRF Assignment for Google Classroom

  1. Sight Reading Factory assignments for Google Classroom are actually created directly in SRF and are synced back with Google Classroom.  Check out the instructions found in this article for how to create an assignment in SRF.
  2. After creating your assignment in SRF, if you go check out your Google Classroom, you'll notice that the assignment is listed in the 'Stream' and the 'Classwork' of your Google Classroom class.

Editing a SRF Assignment

  1. Go to the 'Classes' tab on your SRF dashboard and select the class for which the assignment was created that you want to edit.
  2. Find the row for the assignment in the 'Assignments' table and select it to go to the overview page for this assignment
  3. On the assignment overview page, click the 'Edit' button to take you to the page to edit the assignment.