If you want to edit one of your Recent or Saved Configurations you'd have to launch that configuration from your Dashboard, change the settings, and then generate the new music.  Once music has been generated with the updated settings, a new configuration will be in your 'Recent' section which you can then save.

To do this:

  1. Choose 'Sight Reading' from the Dashboard.
  2. Launch a 'Recent' or 'Saved' configuration.
  3. Once your music is showing, click the instrument/voice/ensemble listed at the top left of the screen to open up the 'Mixer'. 
  4. Click on any of the tabs on the top of the page to edit the instrument, level, key signature or time signature.  On mobile, you can tap the hamburger menu to access those settings. 
  5. After making your changes, generate the music with your new settings.
  6. Go back to the 'Sight Reading' portion of the Dashboard and you will see the new configuration under 'Recent'.  You can choose to click 'Save' to save and name the new configuration so that it will be stored under 'Saved' on the 'Sight Reading' tab.