To generate exercises based on a state or organization standard:

  1. Log in and go to the 'Preferences' tab on your Dashboard
  2. Under 'Standards' check the box(es) of the standards that you'd like to have available to you.
  3. Click 'Save'.
  4. Click 'Start Sight Reading' to open the mixer and pick your settings for the exercise you'd like to generate using the standard.
  5. Select the medium (instrument, voice-type, or ensemble) for which you will be generating the exercise using the standard.  If you are going to be generating music for an ensemble, see step #6, if you are going to be generating music for a solo instrument or voice see step #7
  6. The ensemble mediums for the standards will be named specifically for each standard.  For example, if you want to generate some multiple-part choir music for the Virginia Choral Directors Association high school choral assessments, from the 'Ensemble' group you would select the ensemble named 'VCDA High School Choral Assessment' instead of selecting the ensemble named 'Choir (multi-part)'.  Select the ensemble for the standard you'd like to use and then pick your level, key and time signature and generate your music for your standard.
  7. For solo instruments and voice-types, you would select the specific instrument or voice-type (such as Trumpet or Soprano) and then when you get to the level tab you'll see the various standards and levels for those standards listed (see the screenshot below).  Select your level, pick your key and time signature, and generate the music for your standard.

The current state/organization standards that we offer in addition to our own Sight Reading Factory criteria are:

Arkansas Middle/Junior High School Choral Festival

Colorado All-State Choir Audition

Florida All-State Middle and High School Choir Audition

Massachusetts MEA Central District Junior and Senior Festival Instrumental and Voice Audition

Mississippi All-State Choir Audition

Missouri MCDA All-State Choir Sight Reading - Solo voice and Part-Specific


SCVA Middle and High School Choral Assessment - Melodic and Rhythmic

Virginia All-State Choir Audition

Virginia Choral Directors Association (VCDA) Choral Assessment - Middle and High School