The Clever/Sight Reading Factory (SRF) integration lets you and your students access SRF with your Clever login.  This means that you and your students don't have to remember another login to another site.  This also satisfies the requirement that many school districts have that students should not have separate logins for different sites apart from their Clever login.  You and your students can just log right in to SRF with your Clever account.

Signing up your students is easy.  Using the Import Class feature, with the click of a button you can instantly import your Clever class(es).  After your class has been been imported, your students are subscribed and ready to start using SRF.  They just have to log in to SRF with their Clever login and start sight reading!

Continue reading below for information on how you can get started with the SRF/Clever integration and links to additional topics relating to the SRF/Clever integration.

If you are a current SRF customer that will be switching over mid-year to use the SRF/Clever integration for the first time:

  1. It is important to know that when switching over to the SRF/Clever integration for current SRF customers, it will be a clean slate for all your accounts.  Any past assignments or data  _will not_ carry over to the new integration.  Once you are established using the SRF/Clever integration, your data _will_ carry over from year to year.
  2. If you understand #1 and want to proceed with the SRF/Clever integration (we think you should, it's a pretty slick integration!), contact us and let us know that you'd like to switch over to the SRF/Clever integration.
  3. We'll disable your current subscription and get you set up to use SRF/Clever for the remainder of the subscription.

If you are brand new to SRF OR you are a current user who wants to switch over at the start of a new school year with the SRF/Clever integration:

To order with a Purchase Order

  1. Follow these instructions to submit your order with a purchase order.  Be sure to notate on the order form that you'd like a Clever Integration
  2. Once we receive your order, we'll set up a Teacher Code and email you the instructions on how you can use the code to redeem your subscription.

To order with Credit Card/PayPal

  • You can request an online invoice that you can pay with a credit card.  (Be sure to let us know it is for a Clever integration!) Once that is paid, we'll set up a Teacher Code and email you the instructions on how you can use the code to redeem your subscription. OR
  • You can sign up directly on our site using a credit card or PayPal and have instant access by going to and choosing the 'Sign in with Clever' option and following the prompts to pay with a credit card or PayPal.

Check out the links below for additional information on the SRF/Clever integration: