If you use the Clever integration with Sight Reading Factory, when there are roster changes in your Clever account, those enrollment changes are not automatically reflected in your imported Clever classes in SRF.  So, after roster changes in your Clever account, you will need to 'Sync' the corresponding class in your SRF account so that those enrollment changes are correctly reflected in your SRF class.  To do this:

  1. After there have been roster changes in Clever, go to the 'Classes' tab of your SRF dashboard and select the Class which you'll be needing to Sync.
  2. Once on the class overview page, select the 'Enrollments' view (below the class header).
  3. In the Enrollments view, select the Clever 'Sync' button to take you to the sync page.
  4. Review the changes for who is being removed and/or added and click the 'Sync' button at the bottom to confirm and apply the changes.