To revoke a student's usage of your code:

  1. Go to your Dashboard and select the 'Student Codes' tab.
  2. Click the row for the student code that the student used to register.
  3. Find the account for which you will be revoking the code usage and click 'Revoke Code Usage'.

*  To allow for students who drop the course or do not access their account, you are able to revoke your code from a student's account within the first 14 days after redemption or if they have created less than 5 exercises within the first 3 months after redemption.  This will automatically credit the usage back to your student code.  

** Once a student has used your student code to redeem their account, the account is now gone and stays with the student for the year.  Instead of worrying about the 9 month school year, we just add a full year for each account and then the students can still practice on their own, after they finish the class for the year.