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Scale Degree Range

When I teach sight-reading, I typically start with a short range of notes, such as the first 3 notes of the scale (Do, Re, Mi/Me). Then I typically progress to the first 5 notes (Do, Re, Mi/Me, Fa, Sol), followed by the first 5 notes including skips in the tonic triad.

There is currently not the ability to customize levels in this manner, but it would be hugely helpful. For example, if a student was singing in the key of C Major, I could set it to only utilize the first 5 scale degrees, or: C-D-E-F-G. The student would not encounter any notes other than those five. Then, I could use the existing feature to use custom leaps within that to get certain jumps: C-G (Do-Sol), C-E (Do-Mi).

Please add this feature! The more that teachers can tailor these exercises according to student need, the more we will want to use it! Another person suggested this 3 years ago, I see. I'm surprised that it has not been incorporated yet!

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Yes, I agree! The pentatonic scale sets that are currently offered are useful, but we also need the ability to specify solfege ranges. It would also help when generating melodies that use only a plagal version of the major scale (low so to high so), etc.

It would also be highly useful to be able to specify chromatic solfege pitches, so that we could generate a lot of melodies that include, for example, only the notes of the major scale plus fi.

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For middle school, it is difficult to use this without being able to specify which solfege scales my students should sing. I don't want to have to customize every single level for a specific key. 

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I am returning to this request because I am finding myself very frustrated that this feature does not exist. Currently, I am trying to customize sight reading examples for my students that are appropriate for their skill level. My students are only ready to read examples that have Do-Re-Mi-Fa-Sol pitches. For example:

C Major: CDEFG

D Major: DEF#GA

Eb Major: EbFGAbBb

The only way for me to achieve this right now is to pick two keys like D major and D-flat major, and set the range to be from D to A. That means that I need to create a new level for all 30 major/minor keys. Please create a feature to let us choose specific scale degrees to include!

This would also be helpful for the skips feature. I want to give my students practice reading ONLY in 3rds. However, even if I select "3rds" as the a largest leap, it will still include 2nds. Being able to specify scale degrees would allow me to give them practice on Do-Mi-Sol skips exclusively, without having to also include Re and Fa.


A Desperate Teacher in a Virtual Learning Environment

I agree with David Wilson! 

Please,, make this an option for our classrooms! 

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