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Full scale option before beginning exercise

It would be great to add an option for students to hear and sing with the appropriate scale for the exercise before beginning. This will help their ear get into the particular key for that exercise and give them a chance to sing confidently, with the idea that they transfer their confident, supported singing into their sightreading exercises. Especially for my beginning students, it has been hard for them in middle school to establish tonality on their own at home without a teacher or classmates to sing together. Right now I have them toggling back and forth between singing their C Major diatonic scale and then recording their exercise, and it is tough for many of them.

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Hi Jason,

The 'tuner hint' can be configured by the student to play 1 of 5 options: opening pitch, tonic, tonic chord (block), tonic chord (broken), or tonic arpeggio + block chord.  Right now there's not a way for teachers to set this for an assignment (though we'll add another vote for that), but students can change that option on their music page (either in a practice session or assignment session).  

When you (or your students) have an example generated, you can click the settings gear icon and about half way down you will see 'Tuner Hint Type'.  You can click there to see the drop down menu with your available choices. 

Nancy D'Alema

Sight Reading Factory


This is a question that I have to this day. Has this tool been changed? I am creating assignments for my choir classes and I would like the "tuner hint type" option to be set by the teachers. These are assignments created through our class canvas page, with the Sight Reading Factory extension. If I go through the student view, I can change the "tuner hint type", but through the teacher view, I cannot change it. 

Hi Sheridan,

Currently, the tuner hint type cannot be set by the teacher for an assignment.  Students can change that option on their own music page.  We do track votes and try to add the most requested features first.  We'll chalk up another vote to let teachers set the tuner hint type on assignments and keep you updated on any developments!

Nancy D'Alema

Sight Reading Factory

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