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"Retry" Shortcuts Not Working

All other keyboard shortcuts work with no problems. I've tried the left and up arrows both during playback and while paused, neither works. 

Using the latest version of Chrome. 

Hi Emmett,

To be clear, those hotkeys will only work when doing a Challenge exercise (not Free Play) and you will only be able to use them after the exercise has finished and you see the 'Retry' button.  I noticed that the back arrow hotkey is working but the up arrow hotkey is not working.  We'll look at getting the up arrow hotkey working again.  Thanks for reporting it!

Don Crafton

Hi Emmett,

Just wanted to let you know that we fixed it so that the up arrow hotkey is now working.  Let me know if you have any other problems!

Don Crafton

Why wouldn't it be possible to configure these keys for "Free play" mode?

We use 10x "Free play" mode more than the Challenge. 

If it is not technically possible, it would be interesting to have a key to return the exercise from the beginning, because the interface is not productive.

Hi Marcelo,

We definitely do have hotkeys for Free Play mode.  If you click the gear icon on the music page to access the settings slide out, at the bottom of that settings side bar you will see an option to view keyboard shortcuts.  Those will show you all the keyboard shortcuts available.  The 'Retry' shortcut is the one I was referring to when I was saying it was only available in Challenge mode because that 'Retry' feature is only a Challenge feature.  If you are using Free Play and are just listening to the music, you can just use the "s" hotkey to stop the music and use "p" to replay it.

Thanks for the quick response. I'm trying to help.


Yes, a workaround solution would be to use two keys.


My question is exactly that. The most used mode (Free Play) needs double as many keys to return the exercise as the least used mode (Challenge).


This is a software ergonomic problem. The double number of keys represents the double error typing. It's not a big problem when you do one or two times, but when you study for 2, 3 hours straight, it's a big problem, It would be best to use only one key.


In this case, a better workaround solution would be to use only the challenge mode, to use only one key.


If there is a technical problem, maybe you could map the left key only for Challenge Mode and the up key only for Free Play Mode. In this way, there would be a key to return in both modes.


I did some functional tests, and found a problem in challenge mode: the return key does not work after using the stop key.

(Challenge mode)

-Work: Next, play, left >>> ok!

-Work: Next, play, up >>> ok!

-Not Work: Next, play, stop, play, left >>> Not ok!

-Not Work: Next, play, stop, play, up >>> Not ok!

I ask to evaluate the tests and suggestions.


In time, I'll open another ticket for this: 

-In Challenge Mode, the S key (stop) is not working; 

-In Free Play Mode, the down key (next) is not working;

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