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Microphone is not registering

When I tried to do my assignment on my computer, it wouldn't register the micriphone, even on separate browsers. On my phone, it said I wasn't singing loud enough even though I was singing into the mic. Help!

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Hi Ian,

What kind of phone are you using?  And what browser are you using on that phone?

Don Crafton

My student is using the website on Chrome. Thanks for any suggestions!

Hi Mr. Alvaro,

Is your student still having problems?  If so, can you have them go to and see if that test works for them there?  If it doesn't, then that sounds like a general problem with that students device/browser.  Which then I would recommend checking the mic settings on the device, trying a different browser, removing peripherals (speakers, bluetooth devices, headphones, etc.) and/or rebooting.

If the test did work, then can you please have them:

1. Log in to their SRF account.

2. Go to and do the mic test there?

3. After they do the mic test there, can you email us at and let us know the username of the student and the date/time they did the test so that we can check the logs for problems.


Don Crafton

Hello Don,

My student is having this same issue. I am having her try the link to see if we can get her microphone to respond. I have had her check all input settings on her Chromebook and on a Lenovo.

Hi Ellen, I just updated my last reply.  Can you read that over and have the student follow those steps?



Hi Don, 

I have had several students use the link to check their mics first beforehand-Excellent!!

The last name is Zuro and she is logging in now at 3:10 PM on 5/8/20. 

Hi Ellen,

I see that the student did the mic check.  I didn't notice any problems in the logs.

I noticed the student submitted a recording recently.  I did see some warnings that the student got about their mic level possibly being too low.  If the student is getting that warning, they just need to check the mic level for their device if they think the recording sounds too soft.  This particular student is using a Chromebook.

Other than that, the recording looks like it was successful and the student was able to submit the recording.  Is this student still having problems?

Don Crafton

Yes! That worked great. We went through the steps and finally got it to work. That link has been great for the chromebook issues. 

I really can't thank you enough!

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