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Inbox for Assignments to grade

I would like an inbox of all of the assignments that I need to grade. These could be sorted by assignment title or student. Both options would be incredible. Currently, I am spending a whole lot of time navigating my various classes to the assignments to be graded.

I like the idea of an inbox! 

Currently I'm also trying to hold students accountable for weekly due dates and I want to be able to either shut off the assignment once the deadline has passed or more easily identify late submissions in the batch. Exceptions could be managed by a teacher "reset".  

Could the date/time stamp inside the student's window be marked in RED if it is late? See attached.

Hi Ginger,

Have you tried sorting by the 'Ungraded' column on the 'Assignments' tab of your Dashboard?  If you click the 'Ungraded' column header it will sort all the assignments that need to be graded.  Let me know if that is helpful to you.

Hi Margaret,

We just updated the site to where it will show the due date as red for late submissions.

Hi Don, Thank you for your response. I still have to go in to each individual assignment and open it to grade. (Or am I missing something?) If all of the ungraded assignments could go into one spot, where I could grade continuously and not have to return to the menu of assignments, that would be a huge time saver. Thank you!

Hi Ginger,

Thanks for the feedback.  As I think you've discovered, if you have multiple ungraded student submissions of the same assignment, it will flow through those without you having to leave the grade page.  However, after you have finished grading one assignment, it will not automatically open an ungraded student submission from a separate assignment.  That is definitely something that we can look at adding.  Thank you for the suggestion!

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