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Microphone will not work

The microphone will not work on any of our Chromebooks, using Chrome.  They worked just fine a few days ago.  Now none of them work.  Not even mine.  Help!

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Yes, shouldn’t there be a way that device can “hear” the musician & take note at the correct or incorrect notes the musician plays/sings? I can’t figure out how to get this feature to work on my iPhone or Verizon 4GLTE (Chrome). Please help!

Hi Alisa,

The problem that Nancy was describing was a different problem that was related to her school's Chromebooks.  She called in and we were working with her to research what was causing that problem.

As far as auto-assessment goes, our service does not auto-assess the user and tell them what notes are correct/incorrect.  However, with our new music pages that we recently implemented (on the website), you can now record yourself and listen back to your recording on top of a synth audio recording so that you can self-assess and be able to identify where you were off in relation to the synth audio track.

My students are having a similar problem. When they play it back on their chrome book I can hear it no issue, but the software is telling them they cannot submit because it’s not loud enough. Suggestions? Thank you!!

Hi Chris,

We have a fix coming out this week for the problem where the program thinks the students' recordings are too soft.  Thanks!

Ok. We have finals this week and this is a part of their final. Please let me know as soon as it's fixed so we can get everything done.

Thanks for your help

We put out a release this morning to address the 'too soft' problem.  You can have your students try again.  Please let me know if it is still not working.

I, too, am having this issue with several students for our final sight singing assessment of the year on the chromebooks. Please advise what can be done to remedy this as it is an ongoing, known issue. Thanks!

Hi Karen,

Can you let me know the exact problem your students are experiencing?  This thread has two different issues described.  If you have any screenshots of any error messages that you can attach I'd appreciate it.



They are getting the error message after the mic test that they can't be heard. They have not been able to start the assignment at all. 

If this is a time sensitive issue for your students, I would recommend that they switch back to the old version for now (by going to the 'Preferences' tab on their Dashboard) and trying to take the assignment there.  Can you have one of them try that and let me know if that is working for them?

I am also having this problem, when I go to test my mic, it says that it cannot hear me, when I clicked allow. Please help me figure out what this problem is so I can get my assignments turned in. 

Thanks, Tracey.  

Hi Tracey,

This issue should be resolved now (we fixed it several months ago and I forgot to resolve this topic).  So, you might be having a problem specific to your device settings.  Can make a short video showing the problem you are experiencing and send it to

Thank you!

Don Crafton

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