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Transferring Saved Custom Configurations to Class Levels

There should be an easy way to transfer your Saved Custom Configurations for Practice over to the Levels tab for your Classes, or a way to Share a Saved Custom Configuration.  Currently it seems we have to recreate our custom settings separately in the Levels tab. This would make exam preparation much smoother for classes. 

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As a part of adding this feature, it would be good to invest some development in organizing/managing saved configurations. As it stands, using saved configurations becomes more and more cumbersome the more one wants to edit or tweak something for a particular application. Being able to retitle, copy, edit, transfer to assignments for classes, and organize practice exercises into folders would greatly enhance functionality.

Yes. I totally agree. It would be great if we could copy an assignment and then rename it or tweak it. That way we are not having to start from scratch. Also, it would be great if there was a way to save the submitted attempts and feedback but allow students to resubmit an assignment. I hate that I have to reset it to allow them a chance to do it again because then I can’t remember why I had them do it again in the first place. And there is no longer a record.

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Amanda - you CAN copy a previous assignment by choosing "duplicate" at the top of the class page when you go to make a new assignment. That gives you a list of all previous assignments, you select the one you want, and then you can edit it to rename, change the date. etc. 

I agree with the need for a way to save your feedback for the student so it can still be seen once reset. (I'd also like for the student to be able to reply to my feedback with their own.) My work around for this now is to assign a duplicate copy of the assignment, tweaking the name with "DUPLICATE" in caps, though I still have kids who get confused about why there are two there and ask if they have to do both. 

I have a similar need as Dr. Jon Busch, above. I have a great many custom levels, and the list of them is so long that it is cumbersome. in a number of places. As an example, when I create a new assignment and go to the drop-down menu to choose the level, I find all of my custom levels in addition to the built in SRF levels. However they are in no particular order. It would help if they could simply be alphabetical there, if not in folders of some sort.

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I just want to duplicate custom levels for minor tweaks. Having to set the instrument ranges every time is cumbersome. I love the idea of organizing into categories and alphabetizing them, too.

A folder for custom levels would be awesome!

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