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Sight reading for piano with primary chords

Is sight reading available for piano students using I, IV 6/4, and V 6/5 chords (and variations thereof)?

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I also would like to see piano exercises more closely mimic actual piano music. SRF is a GREAT program and I love it and swear by it with students. Still though, especially in the higher piano levels, the notes do seem a bit random. In real piano music, there are of course those chords and chord changes that you run into ALL THE TIME... very familiar arpeggios and cadences, etc. It would be wonderful to see those in SRF exercises since that's what the student will encounter in other music they play.

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Yes, I had this question, too!
Yes, I also feel that the music is, well, non-musical. It sounds like it has been randomly generated under a set of constraining rules. Have the SRF coders looked into modern machine learning capabilities? That might allow you to mimic particular composers, styles of music, etc, while still imposing various constraints to control the challenge level of the music.

I also would love to see an option to generate piano sheets with common chord progressions, the stuff that you see in all modern day piano music.

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Thank you for all of the feedback!  We are hoping to add some of these features in the future, including a way to generate piano sheets with common chord progressions and a way to make the music more real and musical.  We'll chalk up a few more votes and keep you updated on any developments!

Nancy D'Alema

Sight Reading Factory

The piano exercises do tend not to be very pianistic, so I also use ensemble (voices) for two part "piano" sight reading.  In ensemble I pick multiple voices:  Sop (for treble clef) and Bass (for bass clef) and read those as "piano" two part exercises.  

The voice leading in the ensemble/voice exercises are a little more pleasant to work with sometimes.

You can also add other voices as well, but then you are basically reading multi clef open score which I found very difficult to do.

Excellent suggestions Rod!  Thanks for your feedback!

Nancy D'Alema

Sight Reading Factory

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