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Option to Select a Custom Set of Key or Time Signatures

Instead of only having the option to select a single key or time signature or random all key/time signatures, users would like the option to create a custom set of key or time signatures from which would be randomly picked each time an exercise was generated.

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Am I doing this wrong on the web interface. As I set up custom and multi select keys it seems to ignore that when I click practice.

Hi Jeff, so you're saying that you selected multiple keys but it is only picking from 1 key signature?

This is great, thanks. :-) Any idea when this feature will appear in the iOS app as well?

Hi Jeff, it is already in the iOS app.  You may need to update your app if you aren't using the latest version.  In order to use it in the iOS app, you will first need to go to your Dashboard via the website (in a web browser) and enable this feature on the preferences tab.  You will see options to select multiple key and time signatures.  Let me know if you have any problems accessing the feature in the iOS app!

You have to select each desired key and time signature in the setup for your instrument and as they become red in the appropriate screen, you do "next".
Don't forget to enable "multi-select" at the top of those two selection screens.

This is now implemented!

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