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Customization for Piano

Users would like to see the customization feature made available to piano.

If you are interested in this feature what sorts of things would you like to be able to customize for piano?

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It would be great if the following were options:

1. Single/Dual hand use as an option independent of level.

  In my experience, the jump in difficulty between levels 2 & 3 is more than just in adding a 2nd hand, but also includes more difficult lines for both hands. This makes that the first level with both hands a pretty dramatic jump from level 2. 

2. The option to select multiple key signatures instead of 1/any.

This way you could practice jumping from C to G to F at random while avoiding more complicated key signatures the player may not be prepared for.

3. The same as number 2, but for time signatures. 

4. An independent setting for maximum number of notes at the same time per hand.

So, using these settings together a user could make a a set of options that would have lines with level 1 difficulty, but could still have both hands playing together where the right hand might have 3 note chords while the left hand has 2 note chords and each piece comes from one of 3 select key signatures and 2 different time signatures. 

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Thanks for the information, Aaron!  Check out this feature request for your #s 2 and 3.  We'll keep you posted on any developments for this feature!

I would like to see the customization feature for piano so I could extend the range of notes to cover the treble and bass clefs. from Hi C down to Low C. ( 2nd C above middle C to 2nd C below middle C)

From watching the Customization feature video I thought it was available, but I cant find it..

thanks for the help.


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I just found a question you asked. "what sorts of things would you like to be able to customize for piano?" I found what can be customized for Violin. I'd like to see what can be done for Violin to be able to be done for piano.

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1. Please just give us the option to only focus on reading chords in both hands, no melody. And please give us bigger chords than only three notes. Give us 7 note chords split for both hands! This will be tremendously helpful for anyone reading chorals for fun, wanting to improve sight-reading to work with singers and choirs, play for musicals and broadway shows, read big band comping

2. Chord symbols on rhythmic notation: While I understand that this is a very different reading than what sightreadingfactory is currently focusing on, this would be very helpful for any rhythm section player (piano, guitar, vibraphone, bass) that wants to play in any style but classical (pop, broadway, jazz, film...)

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Don't have a whole lot to add but just want to contribute so as to bring attention to the issue. I'm a piano teacher and I signed up recently under the impression that customization for piano would be a given. Can I ask why piano wasn't included in the first place?

I find level 1/2 can be too difficult for quite a few students, and would like to be able to simplify and build it up more steadily.

All of the suggestions stated are great and I'd like to see them implemented, but honestly just having the same level of customization as other instruments would be super helpful at this point.

I'm quite disappointed that this is not already available.

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1.  Comping from a fake book (chord symbols) would be great. 

2.  Offering up jazz standards in addition to manufactured tunes.

3.  Ear training jazz standards so the user would play what the software plays without music and compare the recorded result with the software.

when will this feature will be implemented?

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