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Customization for Piano

Users would like to see the customization feature made available to piano.

If you are interested in this feature what sorts of things would you like to be able to customize for piano?

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Hi Kai,

Thanks for the feedback!  I have just added a vote and your email to the list.  We will be sure to drop you a line with any developments!

Nancy D'Alema

Sight Reading Factory

I have enjoyed this website for some time now but I'd love to see some more customization for piano too. You probably don't lack for ideas but here are some anyway:

  • Rhythm: Let me choose the note lengths I want to include in the exercise.
  • Range: Let me choose the leap size as well as the tesitura of each hand.
  • Clef: Let me choose the clef for each hand (even alto or tenor clefs: very important for score reading!)
  • Difficulty: Allow for different levels of difficulty for each hand.
  • Pianistic patterns: Aberti bass, ostinatos and passages in octaves with the option to choose which hand plays the accompaniment (so not just the left hand)
  • Transposition: Option to transpose one or both hands (also very useful for score reading!)
  • Accompaniment: Adding a staff for a leading voice and playing the in an accompanimental style.
  • Articulation: sections in staccato, legato, tremolos, repeated notes, pedal markings, etc.
  • Ornaments: turns, trills, mordents, etc.
  • Form Instructions: repeat signs,dal segno,da capo, etc.
  • Changes of Key, Time Signature and Tempo (accel., rit., and tempo primo)

Hi Ritchie,

Thanks so much for your feedback!  I have added another vote for piano customization and passed your notes over to our developers.  We log the email address of users who request a feature, so we will be sure to update you with any updates!

Nancy D'Alema

Sight Reading Factory

Hi, I hope I'm putting this in the right place. I think it would be pretty neat if you could add peddling to the piano algorithm. Somewhere in the upper levels you could have random up and down peddling notation to practice. Thanks

Hi Keith,

Thanks for the suggestion!  I have added a vote for the addition of pedal markings.  We'll keep you updated on any developments!

Nancy D'Alema

Sight Reading Factory

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