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Customization for Piano

Users would like to see the customization feature made available to piano.

If you are interested in this feature what sorts of things would you like to be able to customize for piano?

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It would be great if the following were options:

1. Single/Dual hand use as an option independent of level.

  In my experience, the jump in difficulty between levels 2 & 3 is more than just in adding a 2nd hand, but also includes more difficult lines for both hands. This makes that the first level with both hands a pretty dramatic jump from level 2. 

2. The option to select multiple key signatures instead of 1/any.

This way you could practice jumping from C to G to F at random while avoiding more complicated key signatures the player may not be prepared for.

3. The same as number 2, but for time signatures. 

4. An independent setting for maximum number of notes at the same time per hand.

So, using these settings together a user could make a a set of options that would have lines with level 1 difficulty, but could still have both hands playing together where the right hand might have 3 note chords while the left hand has 2 note chords and each piece comes from one of 3 select key signatures and 2 different time signatures. 

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Thanks for the information, Aaron!  Check out this feature request for your #s 2 and 3.  We'll keep you posted on any developments for this feature!

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