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Multiple-Part Ensemble Customization

Currently customization is only available to solo instruments/voices (except piano - see this topic for the piano customization feature request) and unison ensembles.  Users would like to be able to customize the multiple-part ensemble sight reading as well.

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Agreed! Although it is possible on the web based version, I would like to be able to customize ensembles inside the app as well.

Thanks for the feedback!  There are some mediums that do not have the customization option yet.  Those mediums which you can't customize are multiple part ensembles, piano, or snare drum.  We do hope to add these in the future, but it is not in our immediate plans.  We'll chalk up a few more votes and keep you updated on any developments!

The customization feature for ensembles is not yet available for the iOS app.  If you'd like to use your iOS device and use the customization feature for ensembles, you can use SRF through the Safari web browser on your iOS device.

Nancy D'Alema

Sight Reading Factory

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