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Sight Reading in 'Jazz' Styles

Users would like to see sight reading in 'jazz' styles such as swing, latin, funk, etc.

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Even if just swing is added this would be incredibly helpful for students auditioning for a school, region, or state jazz band.

Thanks Josh!  We have added a vote and your name to the list, so we can update you with any developments!

Nancy D'Alema

Sight Reading Factory

 Five years I have been using and recommending SRF.

FIVE YEARS ago I also requested swing playback and a few other things that should have been there from the get go, like courtesy accidentals !

Here we are five years later and you keep dodging the issue and many other OBVIOUS features as listed here in this forum. 

We should not have to BEG for basic functionality.

You have amassed thousands of subscribers in that time and lack of action boarders on customer contempt.

So I will no longer be recommending SRF until I see development action and I recommend other readers who feel the same to voice their dissatisfaction.

Hi Pete,

We appreciate your feedback.  We are a very small team with very big plans!  Our developers have been hard at work with some new and exciting features over the past few years and unfortunately, it all takes time.  We track votes and try to add the most requested features first. This is still on our radar and something that we hope to add in the future, but I do not have a date for that at this time.  

We understand your frustration, since the feature you are looking for has not been added yet, but please be assured, we are listening and strive to keep developing SRF.  We have recently added our Advanced Rhythm feature for Custom Levels, our Live Practice feature, and many LMS integrations (such as Canvas, ClassLink, Clever, Google Classroom, and Schoology).  

We keep a log of who requested each feature, so as soon as we have any updates, we will be sure to notify each person who requested the feature!


Nancy D'Alema

Sight Reading Factory

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