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Minor Key Signatures: option to select Natural, Harmonic or Melodic Minor

This feature would give the user the option to select the type of minor scale that the sight reading exercise would use: natural, harmonic or melodic minor.

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Any updates on this? AP music theory teachers could certainly benefit from this feature!

Hi Karen, we still have plans to implement this feature but we have not started development of it yet.  We'll keep you posted!

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Hi, this question is almost a year old. Is there any development on this request. 

I would like to see it. I think it is a must have.. :-)

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Don, any progress on adding harmonic and or melodic minor options to the sight reading exercises?

The groundwork is laid.  Our plan is to have this feature implemented before the start of next school year.

Hello Don,

Can you be more exact on the date?

Kind regards,


This is now live on the site!  In order to set your minor scale type you'll have to be using the new music page (which, if you aren't already using, you can set on the 'Preferences' tab of your Dashboard).  Once you are using the new music page and you generate an exercise in a minor key, you can click the gear icon to access the music settings and set your minor scale preference (see the screenshot below).

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