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Metronome: subdivide the beat

Allow the beat to optionally be subdivided for the metronome track.

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This would especially be great on 6/8, so you can get either 2 or 6 clicks per measure, as desired.

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I agree completely...subdivision of the beat would be incredibly helpful...even in other meters, but 6/8 is a great one for younger players


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This is now implemented with the new music page.  You can set this in the settings area on the music page my clicking the gear icon.  You can also set it when creating an assignment for students.

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Hello, I can't find this option is it still available ? Access to the metronome settings would be great, I'd love to be able to have only one click at the beginning of each measure, or place the strong beats wherever i want (on the 2 and 4 beat when practicing jazz sight reading for example)  

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Hi Guillaume,

After you generate a practice session, you can click the settings gear icon to open the Tools menu.  There, you should see a spot to place a check next to ' Subdivide Metronome Beat.'

Thanks for your feedback on the metronome settings!  We track votes and try to add the most requested features first.  We'll chalk up a vote for this and keep you updated on any developments!

Nancy D'Alema

Sight Reading Factory

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