When starting a new year with your students at SightReadingFactory.com, very often your students will have some time remaining on their subscriptions and you will still have your classes and assignments on your Dashboard from the previous year.

Rather than revoking subscriptions or deleting students that are no longer in your program, you can Archive those students so that they are no longer visible on your 'Students' tab and they will not be available when editing class enrollments.  Check out this article on Archiving Students.

Similarly, rather than deleting old classes and assignments, you can Archive those classes so that you can clean up your Dashboard and start fresh with new classes.  This also allows you to keep your old classes and assignments so that you can reference them if needed.  Check out this article on How to Archive a Class.

Finally, you do not have to wait until your students' subscriptions expire before you purchase new student accounts.  As a matter of fact, we recommend doing that at the start of a new school year so that your new students can get started right away with the returning students.  Once you purchase your new student accounts, you will receive a new student code.  Your returning students will log in to their existing account and go to www.sightreadingfactory.com/students and redeem your new student code to extend their subscription.  New students will go directly to www.sightreadingfactory.com/students, redeem your student code and create their profile.