If you use Schoology through your school, you can now use Sight Reading Factory student accounts and assignments directly through your Schoology account and have SRF grades be submitted right into your Schoology grade book.  Using the Schoology/Sight Reading Factory (SRF) integration:

  • Teachers and students can access SRF through their Schoology account. No separate logins are required!
  • Teachers can create and edit SRF assignments directly from Schoology.
  • Students can launch assignments from Schoology.
  • All users can launch practice sessions from Schoology.
  • Teachers can grade student submissions directly through their Schoology account.
  • Students can see their feedback and review their assignments from Schoology.

Check out the information below to get started using the SRF/Schoology integration

If you are a current SRF customer that will be switching over to use SRF through Schoology for the first time:

  1. It is important to know that when switching over to the SRF/Schoology integration for current SRF customers, it will be a clean slate for all your accounts.  Any past assignments or data from standalone SRF _will not_ carry over to a new Schoology integration.  Once you are integrated in Schoology, your data _will_ carry over from year to year.
  2. If you understand #1 and want to proceed with the SRF/Schoology integration (we think you should, it's a pretty slick integration!), contact us and let us know that you'd like to switch your SRF standalone accounts over to the SRF/Schoology integration.
  3. We'll set up the LTI keys and send you instructions on how you can add SRF as an external app in your Schoology account.

If you are brand new to SRF and will be using SRF through Schoology:

  1. Purchase student accounts with a purchase order or request an online invoice that you can pay with a credit card.  Be sure to let us know that you'd like Schoology Integration.
  2. Once we receive your order, we'll set up the LTI keys and send you instructions on how you can add SRF as an external app in your Schoology account.

**If you share any common students with any other educators in your school, you will all have to access SRF the same way - either all through Schoology or all directly through SRF.  This enables your students to have a single Sight Reading Factory account and still be enrolled in each of their teacher's classes through that account.