Most student codes grant students a 1-year subscription from the date that they redeem the code.  For teachers who have classes that have different groups of students each quarter or semester, that can present a problem for switching out the old students with the new students.  So what we can do in these cases is issue multiple student codes for a school year that are given out each quarter or semester.  So for example, if a teacher has 50 different students each semester, instead of issuing a single student code that has 50 uses and grants 1-year subscriptions, we can issue two student codes (each with 50 uses) that grant half-year subscriptions that can be given out each semester.  This will allow teachers to easily manage the changing enrollments from semester to semester (or by quarter) without having to switch students out.

This process is not yet automated, so please Contact Us and let us know if you are interested in this for your classes.