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Can we add in higher/lower ledger line practice?

First off, thank you for sightreadingfactory, it's been a great help for letting me learn to get over my "fear" of sheet music.

There is one thing I'd like to see implemented however.

Can we have sight-reading practice on the higher and lower ledger lines? (At least, I didn't see it as a customizable option?)

I play piano, and I'd love to be able to extend beyond the current range of notes that are available at the moment, for both clefs. Maybe even have isolated practice focusing just on notes that are "outside" the grand staff, that we could customize?

Maybe also adding octave markings would be helpful as well.

Thanks again!

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Thanks for the feedback!  There are some mediums that do not have the customization option.  Those mediums which you can't customize are multiple part ensembles, piano, or snare drum.  We do hope to add piano in the future, but it is not in our immediate plans.  We do track votes and try to add the most requested features first.  We'll chalk up another vote for piano customization and keep you updated on any developments!

Nancy D'Alema

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