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Unison String Sightreading: Separate the bass from cello, and enable discrete octave choices!

I would like to be able to sightread in unison as an orchestra class, but have my cellos practice C-string notes.  Currently, I cannot do that, because the cello/bass parts cannot be separated, and the range of the bass is not the same as the cello. If 4 part unison were an option, I'd be golden. 

Ideally, if I wanted, I would be able to select the octave for each instrument individually (with an autoselect available with the current default option).  For example, today I would have liked to have had my cellos practice C-F below the staff, violas C-F on the bottom line, basses from second space C to 4th line F and violins practice from 3rd space C to the top line F.   I run in to the same trouble with E string notes in violin/bass.

This would make the product enormously more useful for my 2nd year players.  Please consider it!

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