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Slower defaults for compound meter

As it stands, the tempo remains constant unless you change it, and in compound meters the dotted quarter or dotted half get the beat.  So when doing an exercise in a simple meter followed by a compound meter, the compound meter default is then so much faster because we're shoving 3 subdivisions of the beat into the same amount of time as we were previously only placing 2 subdivisions.  It is annoying to have to manually vary the tempo based on whether it's simple or compound.  It would be nice to have an option to keep the tempo of the subdivision constant instead of the tempo of the beat.  Say the metronome for 4/4, a simple meter, is 100 bpm, the tempo for a subsequent 6/8, compound meter, would be 67 bpm, (2/3rds the previous tempo rounded to the nearest whole bpm) under the hood the 8th note would be consistently 200 bpm.  Not having to switch up the tempo every time to keep a consistent level of challenge would make using this software so much more enjoyable.

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