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Beginner Lessons for Getting Started

SRF is a great practice tool for students who already have some sightreading knowledge. It's not very well suited for beginners. I have a couple of high school singers who are brand new to sight-reading. I assigned SRF homework for all of my students and discovered that my very beginners don't even know how to begin. I would like to see a couple of very helpful beginners guides to sightreading so that when my students go to SRF, they're not completely lost. I'm talking about a video that includes very basic stuff. 

1. identifying where "do" is and what it sounds like.

2. What solfege syllable do I begin on?

3. When the note moves up your voice moves up. 

I'm talking about the very basics. It would be helpful if the beginner's guides had some interactive components. 

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