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Auto advance/disappearing measures before

Auto advance is a great feature, but it’s only available on the web version. Disappearing measures BEFORE is another great feature, but it’s only available on the app version (disappearing measures AFTER is available on the web version but IMHO not as useful as forcing you to memorize the measure before you play it). Are there plans to incorporate disappearing measures before into the web version or auto-advance in the app version?

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I agree with Kirk.  Don, I hope the developers are working on a solution to re-implement this feature, rather than just sitting back and saying, "oh well."

We do plan on adding the auto-advance feature (as well as other features from our new music page improvements from the website) to the iOS app.

With regards to the disappearing measures before feature, we were recently informed that we unknowingly violated a patent so we had to remove the 'before' feature.  You can still do the disappearing measures 'after' feature.

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