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clef changes (for cello especially): bass, tenor, treble

It would be helpful to have an option for clef changes within an exercise.  Cello music is often in bass clef then sometimes switches to tenor for high notes or treble for really high notes in the middle of the song.  Attached is a selection from Brahms Op. 38 as an example.  The clef transitions can be anywhere.  Note how the transition into measure 30 is hinted at in the end of measure 29.  The clef transitions can even occur mid measure. For example, in measure 26 the measure starts in bass clef then last eighth note switches to tenor clef.

This applies to piano music too (though tenor clef isn't involved).  For piano we see sometimes both hands in bass clef or both hands in treble clef.

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This would be helpful. Also, generally, when one is playing in tenor clef, it's in the higher range. The range should go at least to D. At the moment it only goes to B. It would be good to have the wider range at the lower levels of difficulty. Even at 2 or 3. Tenor clef is rarely used in the lower range in most cello parts.

Oops. I just discovered how to change the range in the exercises.

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