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midi file export of score

Generating an optional midi file with each new score.

This would allow importing to software that "marks" how accurate your sight reading is when playing with a midi instrument.

Or even better:create a "PianoMarvel" or "Ear Master" midi-type functionality in the SRF "Timed Practice Mode" so you can hook up a midi piano.

Thank you.

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I am honestly surprised this was not implemented from day 0. When you need to practice this at home, there is no teacher to tell us if we're hitting the right notes, but software can (synthesia, piano marvel, etc). 

If we could import a MIDI or MusicXML file from the generated score this would be possible.

This feature could even enable you to provide a mobile app for practicing on the go and being able to know instantly how good/bad we're doing, create statistics, etc, by using MIDI instruments

I have ended up using a sheet music scanner that takes the PDF of the generated exercise and imported it into synthesia

but I will easily get tired of that. the best would be to actually use the SRF app on my ipad directly connected to my MIDI digital piano and have the app check my mistakes / how far off / or even wait for me to press the key instead of a play along which doesn't really provide any feedback other than hearing the mistakes as they are played.

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