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Starting Pitch and Triad for Singers

It would be great to have the tonic triad and starting pitch to play immediately when the assignment is launched. "Do-Mi-So-Mi-Do-(Low)So-Do ----- (starting pitch)"

This could be a toggle switch on the assignment customization. This could also be an option within the drop-down box in the upper right-hand corner to play as well. 

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I agree! Singers are typically given the key and pitches before a sight reading example. Students have a hard time pulling a pitch and a scale out of nowhere. 

Hi Angela,

We do currently have a way for students to hear some 'opening pitch' options (opening pitch, tonic, tonic triad, etc.) when they are launching an assignment.  However, it does not happen automatically and immediately when the assignment is launched by the student.  They have to click/tap a button in order to hear it.  We'll definitely consider making it happen automatically when a student launches.

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